Hi, I’m Fraser

I'm an eCommerce & digital marketing expert.

I'm best known for co-founding a direct to consumer hair care brand and selling it to private equity.

Now I work with other brands to help them scale sustainably with an attention to funding and acquisition.

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Kerotin Hair Care

Kerotin Hair Care was founded in 2015 with my two partners and myself. We started Kerotin after we saw the huge demand while marketing other hair care brands as affiliates. Kerotin quickly grew past 8 figures in revenue and was acquired by private equity in 2019.


10mill+ Spent On Advertising

Spending over 10million+ on Facebook ads has given me incredible insight into what Facebook is looking for. I know how to properly structure ad accounts for scale and how to effectively speak to the customer at every step of the journey.


Building to Exit

As we were scaling Kerotin Hair Care we looked at the potential for an exit. After going on the market we received multiple LOI’s and got acquired by private equity In early 2019. This process was an incredible learning experience on what investors are looking for in eCommerce brands.

My story

I was born and raised in Victoria, BC Canada. I caught the entrepreneur bug when I was 16 years old selling sneakers on eBay. Fast forward to 2010 my professional career online started as an affiliate manager, learning how to generate and convert traffic online.

I left that company in 2013 to start my own affiliate network for Instagram influencers with some of my closest friends. The network was very successful and led us to creating our own direct to consumer brand, Kerotin Hair Care. We quickly grew Kerotin to over 8 figures in revenue within the first 24 months.

The large scale we achieved with Kerotin was by leveraging Shopify and multiple advertising channels online. Kerotin hair care was acquired by private equity in 2019.

The next chapter

Along with working on some new exciting opportunities in the eCommerce space, I help other large & medium businesses grow online with an attention to funding and acquisition strategies.

When I'm not working I love to work on my golf game and play basketball, GO RAPTORS! I'm passionate about people taking action and growing their businesses. Feel free to reach out and I would be happy to chat about your business.

“Successful brands know how to communicate with their target audience”

What people are saying about me

Kyle Hithcox

Co Founder Pilot House

“Watching Fraser build his CPG brand so quickly was truly inspiring. I've often leaned on him for advice through the years and I try to work with him as often as I can. If you aren't leveraging Fraser, or his network then you're missing out.”

Arthur Diulgerian

Co Founder Modrn West

“As a long-time business partner, Over the last decade, our collaboration has yielded remarkable results, driven by Fraser's visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to excellence.“

Oliver Jervis


“From an eCommerce marketing perspective, Fraser’s potential is enormous: he brings to the table not only considerable skills as a marketer, but also the rare ability to function, and communicate, effectively in a public relations role. He projects with boundless enthusiasm and infuses any situation with positive energy.“

Get in touch

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